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Can I use a song or lyrics to a song from one of your artists?

To use a song, permission is required from the publishing companies that represent the writers of the song. To use the recorded version of a song, permission is required from the artist's label, as well as the publishing companies that represent the writers of the song. Please reach out to the publishing companies and record labels that own the song you are wanting to use.

Are you accepting new clients?

Our artist roster is currently full. For other great resources, contact the Gospel Music Association. You can contact them at 1-800-GMA-3211 or visit their website at www.gospelmusic.org

Can I send you a demo or song lyrics for review?

We are not currently accepting any unsolicited materials. If you are a new artist, or are just looking for some music industry information or direction, you may contact the Gospel Music Association by visiting www.gospelmusic.org or by calling 1-800-GMA-3211. They have many valuable resources and events to equip aspiring artists with excellent music industry information. BMI (www.bmi.com) and ASCAP (www.ascap.com) are also good places to check to learn more about the music industry and song writing.

How can I find the accompaniment track to a song?

Check your local Christian bookstore. Many times even if they don't have the title in stock, they can order it. You can also try online stores such as musichristian.com or lifewaystores.com


For booking, please include the artist in the subject of the email.


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